Mutual Understanding


As President of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales, I have the privilege of sitting on the Advisory Board of the Police Mutual Foundation. I must admit that until I took on this role, my knowledge of the great work done by the Foundation to support officers, staff and their families was pretty limited, […]

When Intolerance to Difference Ends with Killing Each Other


By Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas, Vice President of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales. As a police service and also as a society as a whole we have been talking about diversity for many years. For the police, this has been essential since the tragic and fateful event on 22nd April 1993 when […]

Are we super-human – or just wilfully blind?

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What’s the last thing you turned a blind eye to? It was probably something small and inconsequential – let’s say a member of staff started coming in 15 minutes late a few times a month, and they didn’t action an email you sent them saying they must have missed it. But they’re a good team […]

Difficult choices about the future of policing

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In November I wrote a blog called ‘It’s good to talk’ in which I said: “What needs to happen first is a constructive and apolitical debate that achieves a degree of consensus about what we want policing to do.” I can’t emphasise enough how important I think this debate is. Every officer knows that ‘the […]

Valuing Difference – President’s latest blog

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  Difference is not a walk in the park for policing – but it’s time to get moving   Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about ‘valuing difference’ – and I’m not talking here about the traditional concept of ‘diversity’ that the Service has promoted for the last two decades or so. ‘Diversity’ […]

Turning ‘I wish’ into ‘I will’

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By Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President   I think everyone would agree that 2014 was an exceptionally busy and challenging year for policing. And 2015 promises to be the same. But does it have to be? While thinking about Christmas wish lists and New Year’s resolutions I started wondering about what things would really make […]

Time to come clean on crime figures

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by Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President Like it, loathe it, agree or disagree with it, the one thing you couldn’t do about the recent HMIC report on crime recording is ignore it. That’s not just because it was everywhere – one of the top stories all day on broadcast media, hundreds of Tweets, numerous blog […]


It’s good to talk

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by Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President As President of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales I have been vocal for some time about the need for an apolitical debate about how policing should be organised and funded in the future.  I raised it again at our Conference this year and whilst it has […]

The Importance of Recognising a Job Well Done

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I recently chaired a conference about police integrity where we heard a range of views from across the service and its partners about the role of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), developments around professionalism, confidence and about ethical policing and the new code of ethics. One comment that particularly struck me was the plea by […]

Care of Police Survivors Charity Bike Ride & Memorial Service

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Last Friday I set off from New Scotland Yard along with 75 other cyclists to ride to the COPS Memorial Service in Staffordshire. It was an organised ride, called the Police Unity Tour UK, and we covered 150 miles over the first two days and a further 10 miles on Sunday.We made an emotional journey […]

It’s a Risky Business

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by Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President Policing is a risky business. We all know this, but there are some aspects of policing that carry far more risk than others. I’m thinking in particular of the world of ‘Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP)’ – an area of policing that includes domestic abuse; child protection; child sexual exploitation; […]

It’s Time to Embrace our Code of Ethics

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by Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis, President The College of Policing – our professional body – have recently issued our profession’s first ever Code of Ethics. Yes, we’ve had legislation setting out our conduct regulations and some of us have been aware of, and tried to live by, the Nolan Principles (the seven principles of standards […]

Graham Cassidy – Signing Off

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As police officer pay and conditions have dramatically changed since the Coalition Government came to power, Graham Cassidy has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of officers. As National Secretary of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales and one of the lead negotiators on the Staff Side of the Police […]

Well Being and its Importance on Effectiveness


By Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis – President Last month I attended the first national ‘Well-Being in Policing Conference’ which was hosted by my home force, Lancashire Constabulary. Although I’m currently seconded out of force, I have heard lots about the work being undertaken in it which focuses on the importance of staff well-being. In my […]

Keep Calm but Learn the Lessons from History

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By Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas Back in 1967 the Home Office issued a circular, based on research, that encouraged Police forces to adopt a new system of policing, which reduced the number of officers on foot patrol and put them into cars.  This system, called ‘Unit Beat Policing’ (UBP), was intended to provide policing over […]

In 28 Years as a Police Officer……


By Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis – President In 28 years as a police officer, I have seen neighbourhood policing come and go – and then come back again. Things have gone full circle. That said, our current intelligence-led and engaging style of neighbourhood policing is far more sophisticated and effective than that which I recall […]

Remembering our Fallen Colleagues

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Remembering our Fallen Colleagues By Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis (Photos by Martis Media) Last weekend, along with many others from both within and outside the policing family, I attended the 10th Care of Police Survivors (COPS) Memorial Service at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire. If you haven’t heard of COPS, then please have a look […]

The First Cut is Not Necessarily the Deepest

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The First Cut Is Not Necessarily the Deepest by Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis On June 26th 2013, the Treasury will announce details of the next Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) and with the country struggling to recover from its debt, it’s highly likely that this will mean further significant cuts for the public sector. This week, […]

Does Crime Pay?

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By Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas The Proceeds of Crime Act came into being in 2002, under the then Home Secretary David Blunkett. This was, in my opinion, legislation that was overdue and also innovative for the time and which challenged both our service and partners in criminal justice, to ‘take the profit’ out of crime […]

It’s Very Easy To Be Busy………

Sally Bourner

Guest blog by Chief Superintendent Sally Bourner, West Midlands Police It’s so easy as a leader to mistake being busy for being effective. We could all fill every hour of every day being busy, regularly telling people just how busy we all are and routinely working excessively long hours to show just how busy and […]

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