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  • If you do nothing else, at least read the first sheet (Why bother…) and consider whether you need to look after your health to a greater extent than you do now
  • Then, read the second sheet (What are your priority…) and consider whether any of the factors identified in our research applies to you: use the questionnaire provided to help focus your efforts
  • Use the advice sheets to prompt ideas: they give brief information and tips about a range of areas that our research has suggested could be helpful to those in superintending ranks. Many of the suggestions in the ‘top tips’ boxes and elsewhere in the toolkit were made by people in Superintending ranks during our research
  • If you want more information on any particular topic, use the reference lists provided in the advice sheets as a starting point
  • Think about one or two small changes you could make straight away don’t feel you have to change everything at once or do something radical. You can progress step-by-step to greater personal resilience

None of the advice provided in this toolkit is rocket science: you have probably heard some of it before. We hope that it provides a helpful reminder and some clear guidance, but it is important to recognise that implementation by you is what will make the difference. The key to developing personal resilience is to find solutions that work for you and implement them now!


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