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PSA response to Hillsborough Trial ruling

The Police Superintendents' Association has commented on the latest Hillsborough disaster trial, in which two retired police officers were today, Wednesday 26th May, found to have ‘no case to answer’:

Police Superintendents’ Association National Secretary, Dan Murphy: “Our thoughts and sympathies remain with the families and loved ones of those who died or were affected by the Hillsborough tragedy.
“Today’s outcome demands the question of why this case was ever brought to a criminal trial.
“The IOPC chose to seek criminal charges against these retired police officers, but today’s ruling from the judge has shown it is evidently clear that there was never a case to answer. 
“It is deeply concerning that an independent investigation, with a stated intention to establish the facts, concluded that there was a deliberate ‘cover up’ in the aftermath of the tragedy. Something that has now been proven to be completely unfounded.
“As a result, two former senior officers, who the court heard had both served the public with distinction for over 30 years have suffered seven years of investigation and prosecution. This process has failed to serve the bereaved families or the wider public interest well.
“In the small number of cases where a police officer has knowingly acted in a corrupt or criminal way, it is absolutely right that they must be held to account for this and face appropriate justice. When this is not the case, officers should be given the respect of an appropriate balance of learning and accountability. Clearly in this case there was a pursuit by the IOPC of individual blame. We therefore ask the Home Secretary to review the role, governance and objectives of the IOPC to ensure it seeks to deliver its mission, rather than enforcing a culture of blame within policing.”