The PSAEW represents Superintendents and Chief Superintendents in England and Wales.  There are currently 46 Branches – the 43 Home Office forces, British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Isle of Man Constabulary.

The Branches are grouped together into five Districts, A-E. These represent largely geographic areas but are configured to ensure a mixture of large metropolitan forces and smaller forces within each District.

Branch officials, elected by their peers, are the voting members who attend District meetings. The number of delegates who attend from each Branch is in proportion to the number of members within the Branch as prescribed by the Association’s Rules (available on our website).

District meetings are held three times a year, hosted by different Branches in turn on a rota basis. National Officers attend each District meeting.

Delegates at the District elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer and then nominate two representatives from that number to attend meetings of the Association’s policy-making forum, the National Executive Committee (NEC).

The NEC consists of the District representatives and three reserved seats to represent the interests of women, BME colleagues and LGBT members, plus the President, Vice President/President Elect.  The non-voting members are the National Secretary and Assistant Secretary.   The NEC meet five times a year.

There are five Business Areas covering Command Resilience, Crime and Criminal Justice, Futures, Human Resources and Uniformed Operational Policing.  Each Business Area has an NEC Lead member.

Branch officials are encouraged to bring issues from their local level to the attention of colleagues at the District and, where appropriate, District representatives will take matters to the NEC for a policy decision.

The President, Vice President/President Elect and National Secretary posts are full-time, based at home. They are elected to their posts. The Assistant Secretary is a full-time appointment and is based at National Office in Pangbourne.

The other team members at Pangbourne are the  PA to the Presidential Team, PA to the National Secretariat and the Finance Officer.

The Professional Standards Co-Ordinator works from home.