Review of Police Medical Appeals Boards

Ill health

Do you have any involvement with, or experience of, Ill Health Retirements, Injury on Duty Awards and subsequent appeals to Police Medical Appeals Boards (PMAB)?  The College of Policing has been commissioned to undertake a review of PMABs and the various stages leading up to them with a view to identifying best practice. This letter […]

IPCC Consultation on ‘Conferring’ – PSAEW Response


PSAEW Response to IPCC Consultation on ‘Conferring’ You will be aware that the IPCC has recently published ‘Draft statutory guidance to the police service on achieving best evidence in death or serious injury matters’.  In short, this is known as ‘conferring’. The IPCC is proposing changes to the way in which police officers are dealt […]

Home Secretary’s Decision on Severance & Restricted Duties

Theresa May

The Police Superintendents’ Association welcomes the Home Secretary’s statement made today which confirms that she accepts the recent independent Police Arbitration Tribunal’s findings in respect of compulsory severance and restricted duties. It is worth remembering that the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales has on behalf of its members been able to reach agreement with […]


Superintendents’ Working Hours – FAQs


The Association’s Command Resilience Group has prepared the below answers to frequently asked questions about Superintending ranks working hours. Do I have to work a 40 hour week? The Police Regulations 2003 (the “Regulations”) do not make any specific provision for the required weekly working hours for a Superintendent.  This is different from Constables and […]


Restricted Duties – Changes in Police Regulations

Pol Jacket back

Update on Restricted Duties Tom Winsor in his Winsor II Review of Police Pay and Conditions of Service recommended changes in Police Regulations with a view to making it easier to remove officers who were unable to perform the full range of police duties as a result of injury or illness. (See Winsor Recommendations 38, […]

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Compulsory Severance – ‘Failure to Agree’

Police Group

  Update on Compulsory Severance At the PNB meeting held on 24th July the subject of compulsory severance was discussed.  The Independent Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT) in its finding in January this year remitted the Winsor proposal to introduce compulsory severance to the police service to PNB for further discussion with a view to reaching […]

Changes to Annual and Lifetime Allowances

pension tax

In his most recent Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced further changes to Annual and Lifetime Allowances in relation to pensions.  These changes will come into effect from April 2014.  The Annual Allowance will be reduced from £50,000 to £40,000 per year and the Lifetime Allowance will be reduced from £1.5m to £1.25m. As a general […]

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The Annual Allowance Tax Charge – Don’t Get Caught Out!

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The Annual Allowance tax charge, which was revised in 2011, can give rise to members facing a tax bill if they undertake temporary or permanent promotion to the rank of ACC.  In some cases this tax charge can be substantial.  In essence a charge becomes payable if the size of a person’s pension ‘pot’ exceeds […]

Motor Vehicle Allowances


In accordance with the revised Regulations and Determinations introduced following the recommendation of the Police Arbitration Tribunal, the following rates apply from 1st April 2012. Essential Users 451-999cc 1000-1199cc 1200-1450cc Lump sum per annum £846 £963 £1,239 Per mile – first 8,500 miles 36.9p 40.9p 50.5p Per mile – after 8,500 miles 13.7p 14.4p 16.4p […]