Lifetime Allowance

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Lifetime Allowance We are aware that the Association has made representations to HMRC for members to be given a separate level of protection.  But generally, as with previous reductions in Lifetime Allowance, legislation is likely to be introduced which will allow you to protect accrued benefits.  Further details of this have yet to be ratified […]

Pensions – Changes to Lifelong Adult Survivor Benefits

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Consultation on Police Pensions – Changes to Lifelong Adult Survivor Benefits The Home Office has launched a consultation recently on proposals to amend the provisions of police pensions to prevent the widows, widowers and surviving civil partners who died on duty in England and Wales from losing their survivors’ benefits if they remarry, form a […]

Purchase of Added Pension (AP) for active members of the 2015 Scheme

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Purchase of Added Pension (AP) for active members of the 2015 Scheme. An active member of the 2015 scheme may elect to purchase Added Pension (AP) in accordance with Schedule 3 of the 2015 regulations. This purchase may be made by a lump sum payment or by periodical payments. The Government Actuary’s department has produced […]

Pension Sharing on Divorce

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Transfer Values – Pension Sharing on Divorce The Government’s Actuarial Department has recently updated it guidance a copy of which can be found below. 1987_E&W Transfer Values pens sharing guidance (amended)                


Tapered Annual Allowance – HM Treasury Guidance

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Tapered Annual Allowance – HM Treasury Guidance. HM Treasury has produced a factsheet in relation to tapered Annual Allowance.  It can be accessed below. You will not be affected by the taper if you have a net income of less than £110,000 p.a.  ‘Net income’ is the normal calculation of your income for tax purposes, i.e. […]

Change to Lifetime Allowance (LTA)

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Change to LTA – Submission to HMRC on potential protection arrangements You will be aware that the Chancellor announced that Lifetime Allowance (LTA) on the value of pension savings would be reduced from the current £1.25m to £1.0m w.e.f. 6th April 2016.  He also announced that legislation would be passed in 2018 to uplift this […]

Change to Lifetime Allowance

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Change to Lifetime Allowance Police Mutual has kindly produced a factsheet to explain the implications of the change to LTA announced by the Chancellor in his most recent budget.  You can access the factsheet below.  Further information around protection arrangements will be circulated once they are known.  Some worked examples are currently being developed for […]

Pension Reform

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This article should be read by all those members who will not benefit from ‘full protection’ and will, at some time transfer across to the new Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) pension scheme, otherwise known as the 2015 scheme.  The other pension schemes are the Police Pension Scheme (PPS or 1987 Scheme) and the New Police […]

Police Pension Scheme 2015 – Members’ Guide

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Police Pension Scheme 2015 Please find below a link to the HO’s Police Pension Scheme 2015 Members’ Guide and also a copy of the PFEW FAQs on the new scheme: Police Pension Scheme 2015 – FAQs V.2 – 27 March 2015 FINAL (2)                

The 2015 Pension Scheme

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Important information for members who will transfer to the 2015 pension scheme (Home Office Circular 17/2014   If you:   are due to move into the 2015 scheme and have service in another pension scheme you may be able to transfer that service into the police scheme. a member of the 2006 scheme and would […]

Pension Reform – Freedom and Choice in Pensions

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You may be aware that, in his most recent budget, the Chancellor announced changes to way that pensions can be taken to allow individuals greater freedom of choice. Following his announcement, the Treasury launched a consultation exercise on several proposals to alter existing provisions in relation to pensions.  One of these was to raise the […]

PNB Circular – Temporary promotion to ACC/Commander

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A new PNB Circular has been published (see document below) which enables Superintendents/Chief Superintendents who are required to perform Temporary ACC/Commander duties to elect whether to take a pensionable temporary salary or a non-pensionable, but taxable, honorarium as an alternative. Since the changes to Annual Allowance, which resulted in the threshold being reduced from £250,000 […]

Changes to Lifetime Allowance

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Changes to Lifetime Allowance – are you confused about ‘protection’? The Association understands that some forces are circulating information to members about the change to Lifetime Allowance (LTA) which will come into effect from 5th April 2014, and which will result in the allowance being reduced from £1.5m to £1.25m. It would seem that in […]

Budget Summary 2014 – Main Provisions


Budget Summary 2014   Two of the firms of financial advisors who support the Association have kindly provided us with a summary of the main provisions of last week’s budget.  A document provided by Phil Pearson (St James’s Place) can be accessed via this link and a document provided by Rob Blount (Police Mutual) is […]

Single Tier State Pension

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An article prepared by Clint Elliott, Chief Executive, National Association of Retired Police Officers The Government intend to introduce a new single tier state pension from 2016. The new legislation is going through Parliament almost without a single dissenting voice from any party in the house. It has been sold as a simpler system which will deliver […]

How the Annual Allowance is Calculated


Annual Allowance – Explanatory Circular A circular has been produced by PNB Staff Side which shows how Annual Allowance is calculated.  It includes several worked examples which you might find useful. A link to the document, which has been published as a JBB Circular, can be found below. 170214 – JBB Circular 004 – Pensions’ […]

Increase in Pension Contribution Rates

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Increase in Pension Contribution Rates Following a period of consultation, the Policing Minister has decided to implement the third year of the planned increase in member contribution rates.  Staff Side’s response to the consultation was circulated recently via e bulletin. This increase, which will take effect from April 2014, will result in the contribution rates […]

Proposal to Increase Police Pension Contribution Rates

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Proposal to Increase Police Pension Contribution Rates – Staff Side Response The Policing Minister has recently consulted upon a proposal to increase member contribution rates w.e.f. April 2014. This will be the third annual increase in contribution rates following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s announcement at the start of this current CSR period. The increase […]

Police Pensions Reform – FAQs


HOME OFFICE CIRCULAR 14/2013 ON LONG TERM REFORM OF POLICE PENSIONS – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The Home Secretary announced the Government’s position on the long term reform of police pensions on 4th September 2012. We have previously published the following FAQs: about the Home Secretary’s announcement and pension reform on 14th September 2012; and about mis-selling […]

Police Pensions Reform – Home Office Circular 14/2013

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In September 2012, the Home Secretary announced her decision on a framework for a new police pension scheme from April 2015. Since then the Home Office have been working on the detailed design of the new scheme in consultation with the Police Negotiating Board, where the interests of police officers are represented by police staff […]

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