Member Briefing Days

A series of Member Briefing Days has been arranged to take place over the next twelve months.  The dates on which they are to be held are shown below.

All of the three National Officers, together with the Assistant Secretary, will be in attendance and will deliver a series of presentations on how the Association is structured; how it operates; the services it provides to its members and the role that it plays in the wider context of developing policing for the public good.  It will also provide you with an opportunity to see the Association’s Headquarters at first hand; to network informally with colleagues from around the Country; as well as to meet in person with Wendy, Sue and Janet, who run National Office on a ‘day to day’ basis, and with whom you will come into contact when you either telephone or e mail the office.  Previous Briefing Days have always been very well attended and much positive feedback has been received.

From the perspective of the National Officers, we find events such as these extremely useful as they provide us with invaluable opportunities to learn at first hand those issues of importance to our newer members and to seek your views on current issues affecting policing.  In the ongoing climate of police reform across a number of different fronts, never has this been more important.

Member Briefing Days will be held on the following dates:

  • 9th March 2016 at National Office in Pangbourne
  • 7th July 2016 at National Office in Pangbourne
  • 21st September 2016 at New Scotland Yard

The programme on each of the dates will commence at 11.00hrs and conclude no later than 15.00hrs to allow for travelling.  A buffet lunch will be provided.

If you would like to attend please contact Sue at with your preferred date.


Member Briefing Day – Programme


10.30          Arrival – Tea and Coffee available

11.00          Welcome and Introductions                                                            Irene Curtis

11.05          Delegate Introductions                                                                    All

11.15          Identification of Key Issues for the Day & Priority Issues for Members

11.25         History, Status & Structure of the PSAEW                                   Gavin Thomas

11.55         Finance, Pay, Pensions & Member Benefits                              Tim Jackson

12.25         Legal Protection and Panel of Friends                                         Eamonn Carroll

12.45         Networking Lunch

13.30          How we Influence                                                                          Gavin Thomas

14.00          Association Review                                                                      Gavin Thomas

14.20          Command Resilience                                                                   Tim Jackson

14.40          Role of National Office v Branches and Local Agreements      Tim Jackson

14.50          Closing Remarks                                                                             Irene Curtis