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    • PAT Award on Compulsory Severance
      PAT Award on Compulsory Severance

      The PSAEW welcomes the award of the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT) in respect of compulsory severance.  In rejecting the Official Side’s request to have compulsory severance introduced to the police service the PAT have clearly listened to the arguments which Graham Cassidy, Tim Jackson and other members of the Staff Side have been making, that to introduce severance to the police service would undermine the operational independence of the “Constable”, would have a catastrophic effect on police officers’ pensions Read more →

    • Consultation on Increase in Pension Contributions
      Consultation on Increase in Pension Contributions

      In 2011, the Home Secretary consulted on an increase in police officer pension contributions over a three year period.  In April 2012, the first of these increases was introduced which resulted in police officer contributions for members of the PPS (‘1987’ Scheme) rising from 11% to 12.5% for those officers who are classed as ‘Tier 3’ (i.e. on a basic salary of £60,000 or above).  The increase was less for police officers on salaries below this level. The Policing Minister Read more →

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