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Association response to Channel 4 Dispatches programme on violence against officers

Vice President Ian Wylie has spoken out after Channel 4 aired ‘Dispatches – Officer down – police under attack’, which showed that a police officer is attacked every 20 minutes in the UK.

“The rising levels of violence used against police officers is worrying and unacceptable. A growing number of individuals appear to hold the Police Service and the rule of law with increasing contempt. This has come at a time when officer numbers have fallen, whilst demand has grown significantly.  

"Those at the front line of policing are experiencing growing levels of intimidation, aggression and violence, which is fuelling a rise in mental health issues for officers and staff.  Although the service is working hard to improve training, personal protection equipment and wellbeing support, it cannot counter what is an unsustainable position for officers, staff, the police service and the wider society.

"The British Police Service remains the envy of the rest of the world and it epitomises all that our civilised society represents. However, the country needs to show that it values its police service through, not just financial investment, but also, a moral drive to ensure that those who protect the public are protected and supported themselves.”