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Training and Development Opportunities Available for Superintendents

Police Leadership Programme - Stage 5 (Executive Leaders)

Policing's most senior leadership development course. This replaces the strategic command course (SCC).
The police leadership programme – stage 5 (executive leaders) is a development course for senior leaders in law enforcement. It is designed to equip our future chief officers to lead policing operations and organisations locally, regionally and nationally.

What to expect 

The course includes elements of personal, organisational and operational leadership at the executive level. It focuses on developing:

  • ethical and inclusive leadership
  • business skills
  • political acumen
  • leadership of major policing issues, such as counter terrorism, child protection and nationally significant events

The course is delivered in phases over 12 months. This includes a blended mix of face-to-face, online and experiential learning in role, and work with an executive coach. 

The course enables individuals to identify, understand and improve their personal development areas to support their progression into a chief officer role.

For more information and application dates, visit the College of Policing website.


CPD events

College of Policing events:
Superintendents only:
Reducing crime and demand: getting to the cutting edge 
Tuesday 5 December – 11:00 to 12:30
Please note the date change - this event was originally scheduled for 17th October
Some of the best innovation in tackling crime involves great use of data and analysis to tackle harm demand. The presentation of force case studies will demonstrate what can be achieved through developing a high-quality analysis and problem-solving capability. The session will explore the barriers faced, how they overcame them and how senior leaders can create the necessary environment for its development. The session will also signpost to future support that can be accessed if participants wish to explore fully the potential of this capability.
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Tuesday 9 January 2024, 11:00 to 12:30 – Leadership in the build up to the PCC elections
The speakers for this session are Gareth Wilson, General Secretary of COPSA (and former Chief Constable), and Andrew Tremayne, Senior Policy Manager at APCC.
In the build up to a PCC election, the potential for the force to be subject of political debate grows significantly.  The incumbent PCC may be seeking re-election or the party they represent may have endorsed another candidate. In addition, candidates from other parties will be seeking election and will be developing manifestos which they are likely to seek significant detail to inform. 
This session seeks to explore how you manage your relationship with your PCC and other candidates.  In addition, it will help you consider how to start your working relationship with a new PCC to ensure a firm foundation for their term of office.
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Tuesday 23 January 2024 10:00 to 11:00 - PACE authorities for Superintendents – knowing your section 42 from your section 4(5)! 
If you are a temporary or aspiring Superintendent, or even a seasoned existing Superintendent: 
• do you know all the authorities at that rank?
• do you know what you’re authorising? 
• do you know the detail? 
In this session, Dr. Carl Williams (Head of Territorial Policing at Gwent Police) helps uncover all of those things you probably haven’t considered since doing your Sergeant or Inspector examination!
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Open to all:
10 January- Coaching for Performance, Matt Jenkins (Dream & Leap), 2-3pm
Please Note: This event is open to everyone working in a Policing environment.
A high-level introduction to performance coaching and all how to leverage it to drive performance advantage. A visual and highly practical overview of what coaching is, how and when to use it and why leaders should be honing their coaching and questioning skills.
To register for this CPD webinar please click on the following link

For further information, contact the Senior Leaders Hub team at [email protected].

Strategic Command Course

Information on how to apply for the Strategic Command Course.
A selection process is used to identify individuals who are capable of being an effective chief officer (or equivalent) and can contribute to and benefit from the Strategic Command Course (SCC).

Information and guidance documents can be found on the College of Policing website here.

Superintendents' Toolkit

Online leadership resources
The Superintendents’ Toolkit is part of a range of online leadership resources created by the College of Policing, PSA and partners, to provide easily accessibly information, which officers and staff can access from all force and personal devices, at any time and place.
The toolkit superintendents and chief superintendents in their decision-making process by providing clear guidance on responsibilities, powers and authorities that come with the role. The toolkit also helps newly-promoted or temporarily-promoted superintendents who would like to get a quick understanding of the additional operating powers and procedures.
Workbooks available include ‘stepping up to the superintendent rank’, ‘strategic planning’, leadership and ‘decision making and risk-management’. Officers can also find easy access to up to date legislation and policy documents.
The toolkit was the result of lengthy consultation with the PSA, which was keen to fill the gap in national training provision provided to newly promoted superintendents.
The Superintendents’ Toolkit can be accessed via the College of Policing portal by anyone with a registered account here.

Once registered you can download the app onto force or personal device by searching for College Leadership Learning in the app store.


Peer Support Training

Could you help a colleague?
The PSA has worked with the College of Policing to launch a new training opportunity for members.
The newly developed Peer Support Training equips members with skills to provide help and guidance to members on a range of issues, acting as a critical friend to colleagues needing independent advice.
 PSA President Paul Fotheringham explains, “The welfare and wellbeing of our members is a core priority for us as an association, and this training provides another means by which we can equip our members with the skills they need to support their peers.
“As senior leaders, there are times when all of us could benefit from a listening ear or a third party perspective on the issues we face at work. These training courses offer the framework for us to be able to provide that supportive influence.
 “Everyone who undertakes the training will be logged on our database, so that members can get in touch with the national office at any time to be connected with a trained peer.  
 “I’d like to welcome as many members as possible to sign up to this free, engaging opportunity and to give something back to colleagues. In the coming weeks we'll also be encouraging anyone who would benefit from being connected to a peer to get in touch with us.”
Upcoming training course dates:

-        Tuesday January 16th 2024 09:00 – 12:30
-        Wednesday 31st January 2024 09:00 – 12:30
Courses are open to any members, including acting and temporary superintendents, and those who are new to association. The courses run from 0900-1230.  To register, email [email protected]