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Training and Development Opportunities Available for Superintendents

2021 CPD events

College of Policing Superintendent CPD Events - 2021

The College of Policing is excited to announce the launch of an additional series of webinars in partnership with the Police Superintendents' Association.

These are free of charge and open to all of superintendent rank, and will cover in addition to other themes; diversity and inclusion, lessons from Op Talla, wellbeing & resilience. 

Upcoming events:

If you are unable to attend, the College plans to record the webinars and upload on to Leadership Learning platform so you can access at a time convenient to you.

The College is delivering a very similar set of CPD webinars for chief officers, this will enable you to discuss your ideas of how learning from the webinars can be implemented.

The College is currently working to develop a further two exciting interactive virtual webinars. These will explore aspects of diversity and inclusion and the impact on the superintending rank.  These will be available in March.  Information on these and further CPD events from April onwards will be available on the learning platform and on the weekly PSA bulletin.

To book on to the events you will need to be registered on the Leadership Learning platform: [email protected].  Once registered on the platform go to workshop TV to book your place.


Strategic Command Course

Information on how to apply for the Strategic Command Course.
A selection process is used to identify individuals who are capable of being an effective chief officer (or equivalent) and can contribute to and benefit from the Strategic Command Course (SCC).

Information and guidance documents can be found on the College of Policing website here.

Superintendents' Toolkit

Online leadership resources
The Superintendents’ Toolkit is part of a range of online leadership resources created by the College of Policing, PSA and partners, to provide easily accessibly information, which officers and staff can access from all force and personal devices, at any time and place.
The toolkit superintendents and chief superintendents in their decision-making process by providing clear guidance on responsibilities, powers and authorities that come with the role. The toolkit also helps newly-promoted or temporarily-promoted superintendents who would like to get a quick understanding of the additional operating powers and procedures.
Workbooks available include ‘stepping up to the superintendent rank’, ‘strategic planning’, leadership and ‘decision making and risk-management’. Officers can also find easy access to up to date legislation and policy documents.
The toolkit was the result of lengthy consultation with the PSA, which was keen to fill the gap in national training provision provided to newly promoted superintendents.
The Superintendents’ Toolkit can be accessed via the College of Policing portal by anyone with a registered account here.

Once registered you can download the app onto force or personal device by searching for College Leadership Learning in the app store.