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Remembering and valuing the sacrifice of service

On National Police Memorial Day, President Paul Griffiths discusses the importance of this annual event:

For 15 years, the National Police Memorial Day has provided a way for the Service to come together to honour the courage and sacrifice of Police Officers who have died on duty.
Every year I am moved and humbled by the power of the event, and the shared sense of community as officers, relatives, friends, dignitaries and political leaders come together to remember and give thanks.
This almost tangible sense of togetherness – of support for anyone who has been affected by the loss of our colleagues – has an indescribable value. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.
I have spoken at length about the need for ‘value’ to be shown to officers and our Police Service and events such as these show the impact it can make. By taking the time to remember and honour those we have lost, shows the wider service that the daily sacrifices made, and risks undertaken by those serving our communities are not taken lightly.
As an Association, we will always be committed to supporting National Police Memorial Day, and going forward, we will do all we can to ensure it remains a poignant day in the Police calendar and reflects the commitment and dedication demonstrated by our workforce.
We are a Service based on unity, and as our challenges get tougher, our risks get bigger and our sacrifices greater, we must hold on to the spirit of togetherness that makes our Service so special.

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