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We must now hold firm

PSA President has released a blog following the Government announcement that the UK will face a further two weeks of lockdown:

We now know that the UK will remain under further ‘lockdown’, facing social distancing restrictions for at least another three weeks.

This will come as no surprise to most people, as we continue to hear news of the devastating death toll of this aggressive virus.

How we handle this news and how we act in the days and weeks ahead of us is vital.

We should not underestimate how difficult social distancing is for some people.  Most of us are lucky enough to consider home to be a safe haven; somewhere we feel protected, at ease, and comfortable.  For others, it is entirely the opposite.

Some people will be trapped at home in abusive relationships, or living in deprivation, unable to access the social support networks and interaction that is their daily respite.

Other people will be lonely, lacking in the social contact they depend on, whilst others are feeling anxiety and frustration at the loss of their freedom and independence.

The full picture of the impact of these measures is hugely complex and it will take a collaborative effort from communities, public sector agencies, charities and businesses on a scale we have never seen before to help one another through this.

Recent figures have shown that crime is down, calls to police are down, and that the equivalent of just 0.01% of the eligible population have been subject to police enforcement fines for breaching legislation.

This is hugely positive, and a sign that most of the public are on the side of key workers, working with them to keep our country safe. But the battle is far from over and we must work together to support our friends, neighbours and colleagues who may need help in coping with the next stage of this unprecedented reality.

Police, charities and support networks are here and ready to offer support where it’s needed, and we remain strong and resilient to respond to reports of crime or to help in an emergency.

What the country has achieved in these few short weeks has been phenomenal, and the result of community spirit and a resolute commitment to public service.  We must sustain this, doing everything we can to stay at home, protecting our NHS, whilst also doing all we can to support those who may feel alone.