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Association marks National Police Memorial Day 2018

The Association’s National Officers are representing the PSA at the National Police Memorial Day service in Belfast.

The Memorial Day, now in its 15th year, honours police officers throughout the UK who have given their lives in the line of duty.

The service is held each year in one of the four countries of the UK, and takes place on the nearest Sunday to September 29, St Michael’s Day, who is the Patron Saint of Police Officers.

This year’s service is held at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast and will bring together colleagues, family and friends from across the police service in remembrance of more than 4,000 officers.

Association President Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas said:

 “Not a day goes by when one of us in the service does not think about someone we have worked alongside who is no longer with us. 

“National Police Memorial Day is a very special occasion when we can all reflect together,  and remember our policing colleagues who have sadly lost their lives. 

“It is my privilege to represent the Police Superintendents’ Association and to honour their memory. 

“We also give thanks for the bravery and dedication shown by officers across the country every day in protecting the public and keeping people safe.” 

Find out more about National Police Memorial Day by visiting the website at https://www.nationalpolicememorialday.org/