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Crime stats: We need tangible Government support

Responding to the latest ONS crime figures, which have shown an increase, Association President Gavin Thomas, said: 

“These figures have shown a widespread increase in offences of violence. But behind these statistics is a human story of loss, and broken and damaged lives.  

“I stated last year that policing was facing a perfect storm with a rise in conventional crime coupled with demand from new volume crimes such as online fraud. 

“Policing is frequently now described as stretched, but rising demand as demonstrated by these figures, fewer people in policing, and a funding model that is not fit for purpose actually suggests a service in crisis.  

“Despite these enormous challenges, the leadership and the people in this great service are still committed to keeping our communities safe and being there when people need us. 

“What they need most to continue to be the best police service in the world is real, tangible support from Government.”

 The latest ONS figures for crime in England and Wales in the year to June 2018 can be found here.