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New presidential team begins three-year term for the Police Superintendents’ Association

Chief Superintendent Paul Fotheringham of Kent Police begins his three-year term as president of the Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) today, Monday 21st March.

He is joined by Chief Superintendent Harvi Khatkar of West Midlands Police who begins her term as vice president.

Paul and Harvi were elected at the meeting of the PSA’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in January and begin their term as the NEC begins its annual general meeting today.
Paul said: “I am extremely proud to have been elected into this role, and look forward to the work we have ahead of us beginning today.
“The association has established a strong reputation in representing the best interests of our members, championing difference within our Service, being a committed supporter of the wellbeing of our workforce and pushing for positive change when it comes to futures thinking.
“Harvi and I will look to build on this, whilst also looking at the many examples of excellence across policing, to explore how our association can help to develop best practice, with a focus on continued improvement for our members, the Service and the public.”

The election of the presidential team took place at the NEC meeting of the PSA on Thursday 20th January in accordance with the rules of the association.

About Paul Fotheringham

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Fotheringham served the first half of his service for Kent police in local policing and the second half in specialist crime, including protecting vulnerable people, covert policing, serious crime and homicide investigation. He has sat on the national working group for kidnap and extortion and also the Operation Hydrant SIO peer review cadre supporting and advising forces across the country on the response to previously unreported sexual offending in an institutionalised setting. 

Paul has recently led 'Operation Sandpiper' - the investigation into the crimes of convicted murderer and necrophiliac David Fuller, who received a double whole life sentence in December. 

Paul has been a PSA branch official for the last six years, a district official and a member of the PSA National Executive Committee for three years. Paul has been a long-standing member of the Panel of Friends and supported colleagues ‘at risk’. Paul was elected to the position of President of the PSA in January taking up his position in March 2022.

About Harvi Khatkar

Harvi has served with West Midlands Police for 28 years and is currently head of Criminal Justice Services. She is an accredited tactical firearms commander, an associate for the College of Policing supporting the Aspire Programme, a coach and mentor and has experience in local policing, operations, partnerships, Integrated Offender Management, intelligence and response.
Harvi was elected to the position of PSA lead for Black, Asian and minority ethnic members in March 2021.