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President responds to announcement of further UK lockdown

PSA President Paul Griffiths has commented following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday 4th June, of a further full UK lockdown:

“Tragically, more and more people continue to lose their lives or become extremely ill as a result of Covid-19. We must therefore do all we can as a nation to stop the spread of the virus which has become even more dangerous as a result of the new variant.
“Police officers all over the country will be continuing their fight against Covid on the frontline.  They’re responding to usual calls for help, as well as the extra demand that policing the pandemic brings, whilst managing their personal challenges as parents, relatives and loved ones.  Our call to the public, yet again, is to stand by us.  We must remain united and firm in our resolve to protect the NHS, our families and our communities and we can only do that be staying at home and following guidance.
“On behalf of our policing workforce I’d like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts and complied with regulations so far. I’d also like to recognise the incredible efforts of our police and all our frontline workers who are sacrificing so much to keep others safe.”