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President responds to latest crime statistics

PSA President Paul Griffiths has responded to the latest ONS crime statistics and NPCC data on crime and Coronavirus FPNs:

“Whilst it’s positive that recorded crime is down, latest NPCC statistics, along with feedback from our members and the wider workforce, tell us that demand continues to move back towards pre-Covid levels. This is something we are monitoring closely in terms of the impact this is having on the public and the police.

“The requirement of our police forces to enforce Health Regulations is significant, and is now more complex than ever as we navigate regional differences in restrictions.  We’re therefore acutely aware of the challenges our people now face, which must be managed alongside day to day policing.
“It’s positive to see that the number of FPNs issued remains fairly low, reflecting widespread compliance with efforts to stop the spread of the virus, but enforcement is clearly being used where necessary to protect our communities.  In stark comparison, the increase in assaults on emergency workers is disturbing and something we must address together.
“Our officers, and any other emergency workers should never feel at risk of harm as they carry out their work, which we all depend on.  Our call to communities continues to be one of solidarity as we work together to navigate our way through this crisis.”