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PSA and Staff associations to launch appeal against proposed pension changes

The Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA), with support and joint funding from all seven staff associations, is starting Court of Appeal proceedings in a bid to prevent unfair changes to public service pension schemes being implemented in April next year.

The decision follows a recent ruling by a High Court Judge who found government consultation on pensions was unlawful and breached Public Sector Equality legislation.

A group of staff associations will now seek leave to appeal on the grounds the government has not lawfully consulted before the enforced 2022 pension changes take place. The appeal will be granted if a judge gives permission to appeal and agrees the appeal has a real chance of succeeding.
 National Secretary Dan Murphy said: “The PSA took the government to judicial review because it was the only option to be heard and to achieve procedural justice. The Court found that during the only opportunity to provide our views on the government’s planned changes to our pensions, we were ignored, and that the government also ignored the equality issues raised by the 3000+ respondents. 
 “The PSA has had no contact from the government in response to the findings, despite us sharing the serious impact this situation is having on our members and the wider workforce. We would have expected an honourable government to make contact and attempt to remedy the situation. As the government has clearly chosen to ignore the court’s findings, we have shared our concerns with the other UK staff associations, who have agreed to support the PSA to take our case to the Court of Appeal to seek relief and force the government to remedy the situation. 
 “The government’s approach to this extremely important matter continues to show contempt for the police workforce.”