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PSA President responds to HMICFRS 'State of Policing' Report

PSA President Paul Griffiths has responded to the release of the HMICFRS report - State of Policing - The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2020.

“It comes as no surprise that this report is dominated by the incredible impact of the pandemic, which has caused ramifications for police and public services that will be felt for years to come.
 “I have spoken at length about the danger that Covid restrictions posed for vulnerable people, and indeed of the wider crisis caused in recent years as other public sector agencies have withdrawn, leaving police to pick up the pieces in many areas that should never sit with our Service.
 “It is concerning that many of the issues discussed here are those that have been highlighted many times before, but that little progress has been seen by inspectors. With our criminal justice system serving the public in potentially the most ineffective way in its history, and little progress made in key areas including diversity and recruitment, our call to the government would be to ensure that priorities in the next spending review are clear and appropriate, and informed by those living the reality of policing.

 “Despite the major challenges for our Service that this report describes, I am encouraged by the clear respect, recognition and admiration of the efforts, professionalism and dedication of our workforce, which Sir Tom describes as policing’s ‘greatest strengths.’ I could not agree more and as an association we will continue our drives around workforce wellbeing, valuing difference and operational influence to support our people and our communities with the national infrastructure they deserve.”

The HMICFRS report can be viewed here.