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PSA President responds to police funding announcement

PSA President Paul Fotheringham has commented on the latest police funding announcement made by the Home Office:

“Whilst this is being referred to as a funding boost, the reality is that it will equate to a real-terms funding cut when viewed alongside inflation. A combined increase of up to £810 million (£287m direct to the service and up to £523m via PCCs) equates to a 4.7% increase against a current UK inflation rate of almost 11%.
 “The result is that we will see already-stretched forces having to address the widening budget gaps they face, which will have inevitable impacts on staffing and service delivery.
 “Demand is up, we’re continuing to pick up the pieces where other services withdraw, we’re likely to be called to fill in for striking public sector workers, and we’re managing the largest recruitment drive in a generation. It can’t therefore be right to see funding continue to drop in real terms.
 “Our view is that the police funding strategy needs to be urgently addressed to respond to this major gap in funding vs inflation and demand, and to deal with the impact that a continued real-terms pay cut is having on our staff.
 “Our people are at the heart of this crisis and whilst they’re managing cuts to service funding, they’re also working in a year which has seen yet another real-terms pay cut for police officers.  These are people with no legal right to strike, and who have no wish to strike, yet also have no procedural justice when it comes to pay. The impact of this, alongside rising demand means that wellbeing and morale is at its lowest – something that data from our association and a number of other policing organisations shows.  Our people must be fairly and appropriately rewarded for their efforts, not only when they join the service, but throughout their dedicated years of policing.”