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PSA response to national Race Plan of Action

PSA President Paul Fotheringham has commented following the publication of the NPCC / College of Policing Police Race Plan of Action:

“We welcome the publication of the Race Plan of Action, which will be a fundamental part of building a police service that is legitimate, trusted and reflective of its communities.
“The plan shows a commitment to continuous listening from the voices we need to hear, in a way that our Service has not previously achieved. I hope that our staff, our communities and our scrutineers will be open and honest with us – holding us to account whilst also informing the way that we adapt and re-develop policing to become truly anti-racist.
“Whilst evidence and insight show us that racism undoubtedly exists within policing, I do believe that the vast majority of officers and staff do not and will not condone racism or discrimination of any kind, and are wholly supportive of this pro-active, positive action. It is essential however, that we see measures on outcomes quickly, so this doesn’t become intention without impact. It must inform structural change, leading to long-lasting difference.
“As superintendents, we have dual roles within this work, as affected members of the workforce and as leaders tasked with driving change. Our message to our members will be that we will expect authentic and interested leadership, so that we can proudly be the change we wish to see.
“Whilst this plan has been in development, we have moved quickly on the development and delivery of our own work to support inclusion and valuing difference. We know that just 5.1% of our members are from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic groups – something that must change. Year 1 of our Future Supers programme, which supported officers and staff from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups at inspector rank and above with their career development, has received extremely positive feedback. I’m therefore pleased to announce that year 2 of the programme will begin in July and will be open to officers from every under-represented group.  Whilst tackling racial disparity is a clear priority, we must also respond to the lack of representation we see at senior level from colleagues from every diverse background.
“In addition, our Peer Support Programme continues to grow, offering our members access to a trained peer supporter from within our association, and we have shared the insight and experience of our members to influence the College of Policing’s leadership plan, which will be key in driving widespread change.”

The plan can be viewed here