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PSA Response to the Revised Code of Ethics

PSA Acting President Nick Smart has commented on the publication of a revised Code of Ethics for policing:

"Integrity, ethics and standards are of the utmost importance for policing, and it is crucial that the framework for what is expected of our workforce is clear, and rooted in the highest professional values.
"As a staff association, we are in full support of guidance that ensures this, and that mandates what is expected of anyone working in policing.
"It is right that guidance and policy such as this, which is so critical to our Service, is regularly reviewed and refreshed, and we have welcomed this process. We have engaged with the College throughout and provided insight and feedback on behalf of our members.
"We welcome the focus that the new Code brings to the importance of culture within policing, the role of leadership, and the importance of learning.

"Going forward, it will be critical that a plan to implement the new code is supported by clear, transparent guidance and training for the workforce, supplemented by instruction on how it must work alongside other statutory guidance. It is also important that issues such as ‘duty of candour,’ which have been introduced into the new code, are clearly explained to avoid misinterpretation and inconsistency across forces.

"As superintendents, our members will be at the forefront of efforts to implement this important work, and we will continue to work closely with the College to support understanding and implementation across the workforce."

Information on the new Code of Ethics can be found on the College of Policing website here.