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Response to ONS crime statistics

President Paul Griffiths responds to today’s ONS statistics on crime in England and Wales to March 2019.

“Today’s report speaks of a broadly steady picture in terms of recorded crime, but also shows increases in offences that can have a real impact on members of the public, such as theft, robbery and knife crime. We recognise the low detection rates and the impact that this could have on victim confidence in delivering justice. 

We continue our efforts to emphasise the impact of an under-resourced Service, such as at the Public Accounts Committee, demonstrating the strain facing the Police and the impact this is having on the service the public deserves. 

Our public message remains the same; the current resourcing of our service is not sustainable.  Whilst these figures show only a small part of the overall demand our forces face, they also reinforce the clear case for an independent review of policing and a significant improvement in funding, to provide the Service with the resources required to protect our communities.”  

The full ONS bulletin: Crime in England and Wales to March 2019 can be viewed here.

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