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Round table held on chief officer appointments

A roundtable event, hosted by the College of Policing, was held on 8.10.2018 to bring together chiefs and police and crime commissioners to look at issues regarding chief officer recruitment and tenure.

​The event was held to address a number of issues raised in a National Police Chiefs’ Council paper entitled: ‘Chief constable preparation, selection, tenure and retirement in the new landscape of policing.’

Vice President Paul Griffiths represented the Association at the event.

Afterwards, the agencies which took part issued the following joint statement:

“Everyone involved in policing has an interest in supporting Police and Crime Commissioners and chief officers to develop effective, robust and professional relationships that benefit the public and provide forces with visionary, inclusive and enabling leadership.

“Today’s round table agreed to take action in four areas that influence how we better attract, progress and retain chief officers. Firstly, the personal impact on individuals considering chief officer roles, including financial, family and relocation factors. Secondly, ways of supporting PCC and chief officer relationships while enabling effective accountability and governance. Thirdly, selection and continuing development for those taking up chief officer roles. Fourthly, developing policing leaders, from all communities, and diverse backgrounds, to progress towards future senior roles.

“Following the round table the College of Policing will write to chief constables and PCCs summarising the joint actions agreed and proposing next steps. The round table will reconvene for a further meeting in January to oversee this important work.” 
Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, College of Policing CEO

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Chair

Chief Constable Sara Thornton, National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair

Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, Chief Police Officers Staff Association Chair

Chief Superintendent Paul Griffiths, Police Superintendents’ Association Vice President

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