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Superintendents given enhanced online support tools

A new online toolkit for superintendents has recently been launched, as part of a joint initiative between the Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) and the College of Policing.

Finalised in late 2019, the Superintendents’ Toolkit is part of a range of online leadership resources created by the College and partners, to provide easily accessibly information, which officers and staff can access from all force and personal devices, at any time and place.

The toolkit is one in a series which will be released in the coming months and supports superintendents and chief superintendents in their decision-making process by providing clear guidance on responsibilities, powers and authorities that come with the role. The toolkit also helps newly-promoted or temporarily-promoted superintendents who would like to get a quick understanding of the additional operating powers and procedures.

Workbooks available include ‘stepping up to the superintendent rank’, ‘strategic planning’, leadership and ‘decision making and risk-management’. Officers can also find easy access to up to date legislation and policy documents.

The toolkit was the result of lengthy consultation with the PSA, which was keen to fill the gap in national training provision provided to newly promoted superintendents.

PSA President Paul Griffiths explains, “Our members are the most senior operational leaders in the Police Service, and deal with the highest level of threat, harm and risk on a daily basis.

“The majority are promoted into the rank with no specific training in the additional powers the role brings. We were therefore keen to work with the College to create something that responds to this crucial learning requirement, giving simple, easy access to valuable resources, whenever our members need it.

“By making the toolkit accessible on work computers and mobile devices, through signing up to Leadership Learning through their registered College account, it means that busy superintendents can quickly reach reference materials or guidance documents to support live operational jobs, strategic planning or organisational leadership. 

“The feedback from consultation around the toolkit has been very positive, and I hope that colleagues across the Service will find it to be a valuable addition to their role.”

Sue Brookes, Policing Standards Manager at the College of Policing, said: “The new toolkit provides officers with a simple to use and easy to access point of online information and support to help them develop their leadership skills and knowledge.

“We know that the complexity of crime and demands on our workforce are increasing so it is vital that we do everything we can to help those officers who take up challenging leadership roles.

“Good leadership allows individuals and teams to do their jobs effectively, so they can provide the best possible level of protection and service to the public.”

The Superintendents’ Toolkit can be accessed via the College of Policing portal by anyone with a registered account here: https://leadership.college.police.uk/enrol/index.php?id=38 

Once registered you can down load the app onto force or personal device by searching for College Leadership Learning in the app store.