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Supers President: Policing still needs more investment

Responding to the Home Office’s announcement of the police funding settlement for 2019-20, Association President Gavin Thomas said:

 “Whilst I welcome this injection of funding, it is still far short of what the service requires in order to effectively meet the challenges of 21st century policing. 

“Much greater levels of investment will be needed in the future to ensure policing can continue to meet all that is currently asked of it, as well as develop its people, continue to attract high quality officers and staff, and get ahead of crime and threats to public safety.  

“A significant proportion of the extra funding announced today will also need to come from Police and Crime Commissioners increasing the council tax precept to raise more money. 

“Not only does this raise questions of consistency across 43 forces, it also highlights the potential conflict of money raised locally being used to fund national strategic policing requirements.”

The provisional police funding settlement is for up to £14 billion for 2019-20.

Police and Crime Commissioners will receive £7.8 billion in general Government grants, which is £161 million more than the previous year.

The council tax referendum threshold will be £24 for a Band D property. If PCCs ask households to contribute an extra £2 a month, this would generate around £510 million in additional funding.