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"We're asking the wrong questions"

Association President Paul Griffiths has called for a major independent review of policing that will give the service the ability to plan and budget long-term. 

Writing in Public Finance magazine in his first article as President, Chief Superintendent Griffiths says “the wrong questions” are being asked when it comes to police finance. 

He says: 

“The questions we should be asking are what do the public, and government, want our police to do – and not do? What is the right way for this to be delivered? 

“Unless we answer these, we will never get police funding right.

“We urgently need a major, independent review of policing. One that can lift policing out of the shortsighted cycle of annual funding announcements and sporadic spending review decisions, and empower it with the ability to properly plan, resource and deliver the things that society needs, now and in the future.”

Read the full article on the Public Finance website.