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Police Superintendents’ Association passes successful coaching and mentoring programme on to the College of Policing

A successful Coaching and Mentoring Programme, which has seen 1000 senior policing leaders trained in coaching and mentoring skills, is being formally handed over to the College of Policing.
The Programme, pioneered by President of the Police Superintendents’ Association, Paul Griffiths, was designed to provide bespoke, informal support to officers and staff, focusing on those from under-represented groups.
Launched in 2018, having secured funding and backing from the College of Policing, which joined with Paul to deliver the scheme, a series of workshops have been held over the past three years, to train leaders in these crucial skills.  Officers and staff at any rank and from any background can access a coach or mentor to discuss their career path and aspirations and develop a personal plan. 
Surveys of participants have shown consistently positive results, with recent feedback saying that 91% would recommend the scheme and 77% reporting that mentoring improved their optimism about their career prospects.
Having managed the administration of the scheme since 2018, the PSA has now handed it over to the College of Policing, which will continue to embed and develop the programme as part of its wider workforce support programme.  Coaching and Mentoring workshops in 2021 will continue via online platforms until Coronavirus restrictions ease.
Paul Griffiths explains, “It’s been a real privilege to have developed and implemented the Coaching and Mentoring Scheme which is clearly having such a positive impact on those accessing the support, but also those delivering it.
“As a Service, it’s essential that we continue to look for new and innovative ways to retain our talented colleagues, and we know that especially at the most senior ranks, we are not representative of the communities we serve.  Personal, bespoke career support such as this can look at how we can provide tailored help to people from under represented groups to ensure they have everything they need to reach their career potential, whatever that may be.
“I’m very proud of the progress we have made with the programme so far and am delighted to be handing it over to the College, where I hope it will become a core part of the varied opportunities available to our teams.”
Mike Cunningham, College of Policing CEO, said: “The series of Coaching and Mentoring skills workshops is a key aspect of our work to support the development of a more inclusive culture and diverse workforce within policing.  The programme has been a successful collaboration with the Police Superintendents’ Association over the past three years.
“The aim of the scheme is to develop the skills of managers so that they can, in turn, develop the careers of officers and staff from groups underrepresented in policing.  Since launching, we have delivered workshops to over 1000 managers at locations all across England and Wales.  
“Mentoring provides the opportunity for really targeted, individual development.  It also boosts inclusion as those who mentor learn to experience the world through their mentees’ eyes. Each manager on the programme has pledged to mentor at least three colleagues per year from underrepresented groups. 
“The scheme is a valuable investment that has a positive effect on forces across all levels.  The College will continue with its delivery throughout the coronavirus pandemic by moving the workshops online in early 2021.  The pandemic has challenged policing across all levels, but the progress already achieved by the scheme has upskilled people in-force who are available to act as mentors and guides during this challenging time. 
“As the Superintendents’ Association hands over the administration of the scheme to the College, we are dedicated to continuing this investment in policing, delivering online workshops where possible, and re-instating face to face sessions as soon as restrictions permit. We will also ensure that forces have up-to-date lists of trained individuals, so that their knowledge and expertise can be used for the benefit of more junior officers and staff from underrepresented groups as they develop their careers and continue their work in keeping the public safe”.
Further information on the Coaching and Mentoring Scheme will be available on the College of Policing website soon.